NAG Markets : New Clients Bonus to Trade in Volatility Market*

Net Deposit (USD) Accumulated Bonus (USD) Required Trading Volume within 6 months (Lots)
500-1,999 55 28
2,000-4,999 240 120
5,000-9,999 650 260
10,000-14,999 1,400 460
15,000-29,999 2,100 700
30,000-49,999 4,200 1,700
50,000-79,999 6,000 2,600
80,000-99,999 9,600 4,300
100,000-149,999 12,000 5,700
15,0000-199,999 18,000 8,500
200,000 or above 24,000 12,000

Promotion Period: 1st April 2024 – 30th June 2024 (Remark 1)

Promotion Beneficiaries: All BRAND-NEW NAG Markets Clients only (Remark 2)

Promotion Guideline:

The higher the deposit amount after your new NAG Trading Account being activated on the first trading day (Remark 3) , the higher the bonus there are;

The Bonus will be deposited via the form of credit within 1 day after client’s deposit is received;

Promotion Detail:

1) Client can deposit via all means provided by NAG Markets to participate in this promotion;

2) If client chooses to deposit via telegraphic transfer, there could be certain charges deducted by the bank as fees. According to our promotion guidelines, if client fulfilled the criteria for a certain amount of bonus, upon you have provided your original proof of transfer, client will still entitled to the full amount as stated in the above table;

3) If client wishes to withdraw or transfer during the promotion period, the relevant amount of bonus will be deducted from the credit in proportion to the amount being withdrew. The remaining bonus will the calculated based on the initial deposit minus the withdrew amount. And the bonus related Required Trading Volume will be calculated based on the Net Deposit tier thereafter;

i.e.: a client deposited USD20,000 as an initial deposit and before completing the 700 lots of RTV in 6 months’ time, the client withdrew USD10,000 therefore his/her bonus tier will drop from the original of USD2,100 to USD1,400, also the RTV would also lowered from 700 lots to 460 lots. Upon fulfilling the lowered RTV, client can send an email to to claim the bonus into cash and have such deposited into the client’s trading account.

4) If the client cannot fulfill the RTV of his/her bonus tier, then the amount of bonus to be converted will be calculated based on the actual trading volume done and payout on the corresponding tier of RTV, the remaining unconverted bonus will be forfeited;

i.e.: a client deposited USD20,000 and did not withdraw throughout the entire promotion period but only fulfilled 460 lots of trading volume, then the client will ultimately entitle to the relevant bonus tier of 460 lots RTV which is USD1,400. Upon fulfilling the lowered RTV, client can send an email to t to claim the bonus into cash and have such deposited into the client’s trading account.

5) Clients who participate in this promotion can apply for the bonus credit to be converted to cash at any point they have fulfilled the RTV, however once the client had converted the bonus credit to cash, the remaining bonus credit will be forfeited. Client can send a change request for his/her bonus tier at any time to , all of the change request will usually be processed within 24 hours.

i.e.: a client opened a Trading Account on 2nd October 2020 and deposited USD20,000 (if the client does not withdraw and also fulfill his/her RTV within 6 months, then he/she will be entitled to USD2,100 according to his/her bonus tier). However on 2nd November 2020, the client sent an email to to request early settlement of his bonus, and at that time his total trading volume was only 460 lots, in this case the client will only be entitled to the bonus corresponding to 460 lots of RTV which is USD1,400 and the remaining USD700 (i.e. USD2,100 – USD1,400 = USD700) of unqualified bonus credit will be forfeited.


Ø NAG Markets remained all rights for this promotion;

Ø This promotion is only suitable for Brand New Clients who have successfully opened a NAG Trading Account (excluding identical sub-accounts or its equivalents) with all deposits and trading volume are counted separately between each account (i.e. NAG will not sum up all identical sub-accounts or its equivalents deposits and trading volume);

Ø NAG Markets maintains the right to disqualify those who sabotage or trespass the terms and conditions or the guideline of this promotion;

Ø Upon bonus credit is being placed into the client account , if he/she withdraw most or all of the account balance and trade using only the yet-to-deduct bonus credit, then NAG Markets has the right to decline those transactions and also claim the client on any losses caused to NAG Markets;

Ø NAG Markets inter-trading account transfer does not constitute as valid deposit for this promotion;

Ø NAG Markets retains the right to modify or terminate this promotion at any time, any of such actions to be taken will be notified by NAG Markets;

Ø Please contact NAG Markets Customer Service professionals to enquire about the countries qualified for this promotion.

Remark 1: All times mentioned are UTC/GMT time

Remark 2: New client means client who opened a NAG Trading Account during the promotion period and have never before had a Live Trading Account with NAG Markets

Remark 3: A trading day, meaning 22:00GMT from the previous trading day to 21:59GMT on the current trading day (Standard Time).

* means T&C applies
**Participating Clients must complete their RTV before EOD on 31st  December 2024.