What is Autochartist?

Autochartist is a unique market scanner that instinctively analyses charts and then predicts the most likely turn of events. The program uses technical indicators, such as Fibonacci patterns and key levels, to monitor the markets and inform investors to potential trading opportunities.

Benefits of Autochartist

Real-Time Analytics

Let Autochartist analyse the markets and detect patterns for you while you focus on your trading.

Intraday Scanning

Be notified of potential trading opportunities as they arise throughout the day.

Trade Alerts

Receive automatic and visual alerts for emerging trading opportunities.

Forecast Range

View illustrated forecast ranges on completed patterns indicating expected price levels.

Customisable Searches

Define custom search criteria to receive only the data most relevant to you.

Training Materials

Learn how to make the most of Autochartist’s tools with a wide range of support articles and videos.

Launch from MT5

Simply drag and drop into an MT5 platform chart and launch the app in a new window.

One Screen

All trading opportunities are available on one screen, save you the need for opening multiple windows.

Try Autochartist for free!

Step 1:Open a NAG Markets live account

Step 2:Click to download the Metatrader plugin

* Windows only

Step 3:Install it, Installation Guide